The Boss

Type Eight: The Boss

Often called “The Boss”, the Eight is the third member of the so-called anger triad of Eight, Nine and One.

The passion is experienced as “Lust”, meaning an insatiable appetite for life and all that is desirable in life, and the fixation is “vengeance”, particularly in the sense that truth and justice will prevail. “I might think about revenge, but I leave it to the Universe to take care of it.” “What goes around comes around”.

The focus of attention is a preoccupation, albeit usually unconscious, with power, dominance and control of space and territory.

Words often associated with the Eight are “punitive, dominance, insensitivity, autonomy, decisiveness, combative, shamelessness and protecting”

Major issues or characteristics of the type Eight include, but are not limited to, the following:


Concern with strength and protecting the weak. A need to be big and strong.


Being the power, the person is charge, or, knowing whom else has power.


Excessive. “Too much”, “Too long”. Doesn’t know when to stop. Keeps on going or consuming whatever the Eight wants.


Anger is the most familiar feeling. Anger comes up in response to hurt, injustice, unfairness. Anger is expressed (not repressed, as with the One), and it represents respect, strength.

“My Way”:

The Eight wants, and usually gets what he or she wants. There is no such word as “No”. “MY way is the RIGHT way”, whereas with the ONE, the RIGHT way is the MORAL or correct way.


Likes to confront. Confronts to know what the truth is. Enjoys a worthy opponent.


“Steam roller”, “Mach truck”. Others may perceive the Eight as too much, too loud, too big, too much energy, or too whatever. Yet, the internal experience of the Eight is moderation.


Gets to the point. Wants short answers “three bullet points on a single page”. Direct and confrontive, sometimes to the point of insensitivity. The other’s “in-directness” is experienced as lying.