The Devil’s Advocate

Type Six: The Devil's Advocate

Point Six is said to be the core point of the fear triad of Five, Six and Seven.

“Fear” is the passion and “cowardice” is said to be the fixation.

By this it is meant that fear is the most familiar experience of the emotional center and cowardice is the most familiar experience of the intellectual or mental center. The personality, then, is said to be organized around the preoccupations of fear and cowardice.

The focal point of attention, that is, the habit of noticing and the sensitivity to outer experience, is to potential harm, danger (either real or implied), or threat of danger.

The more common characteristic issues of the Enneagram type have to do with scanning and vigilance, trust, safety, authority, doubt, active imagination and negativity.

The type can manifest in the primary behaviors which are called phobic and counter phobic. Other variations of the type are called the “dutiful” and “warm” sixes.