The Giver

Type Two: The Giver

The passion is “pride” and the corresponding fixation is “flattery”.

There is a pride in the giving or helping.

A major issue or preoccupation is the gaining of approval and avoidance of rejection by intuiting the needs of the other and becoming almost indispensable (from the Two’s perspective) in meeting those needs.

Other issues include, but are not limited to:


Relationship is central, the thing most important and, seemingly, the reason for being. Everything is perceived as relationship. Two’s are aggressive in pursuit of relationship.

Other Referencing:

The Two is “other” referencing and is drawn to energetic, powerful others. The focal point of attention often is the space between self and other.


Being expressive; actively moving toward. Becoming indispensable, charming, engaging, social, helpful, caring, and loving.


Other’s needs are “louder” than own. Two’s often like to feel they choose whether to fill the other’s needs. Two’s often experience self as self-sufficient, without needs. Own needs are repressed.


Indirect expression of one’s own needs.


Dependent on the response and approval from the other.


Two can be emotional, empathetic, dramatic, speak in superlatives and flattering.


Anger comes up when the other doesn’t appreciate the Two’s efforts, or, when the other takes the Two for granted.