The Mediator

Type Nine: The Mediator

Point Nine is the core point of what is called the “anger” and “gut- or body-based” triad of 8, 9 and 1.

The passion of the Nine is said to be “sloth” with a corresponding fixation of “indolence”, or, psychic laziness.

The sloth and indolence speak to a lack of passion in the sense of “active love” in the emotional center and a certain laziness of the mind in the context of the mental center. The Nine personality type is said to represent the child that went asleep to it’s self, meaning no personal agenda.

Issues associated with the Nine are as follows:


Inessential may get equal attention to the essential. All points are equally important.


The anger is repressed, and/or, not known or available to the Nine. It is contained, or, expressed indirectly such as with passive aggressive behavior.


Wanting things to be comfortable and familiar. Avoidance of conflict.


Likes repetitive tasks.


Wanting to belong. Merges easily with others. Other referencing.