The Perfectionist

Type One: The Perfectionist

Point One, a member of the so-called anger, or, gut/body-based triad, lives out a version of the self-forgetting characteristics of the Nine.

For the One, self-forgetting is substituting the “good girl” or “good boy” for being who she or he truly is. One’s abandon themselves by identifying with the “good girl” or “good boy” role.

The passion of One is “anger” and the corresponding fixation is “resentment”.

The predominant habit of attention is noticing what is in error or needs to be corrected.

One’s easily see the potential in most everything and set about encouraging others to live up to that potential. (“Gee, that’s a nice painting. Have you ever thought about taking art lessons?”) Whereas One’s see themselves as being helpful in this respect, others see the One as being critical and judgmental.

Perfection has to do more with obeying the letter of the law than being perfect in every respect. Thus, it’s not unusual to find a One on your organization’s bylaws committee.

The hallmark of the One is the “inner critic”. Most everyone, regardless of type, has an inner critic. But with the One, the inner critic is a constant companion sometimes referred to as the judge, the warden, the policeman or the committee. This inner critic is evaluating, and reporting on, most everything the One does, says or thinks about.

Here, briefly, are some of the major issues:


A contained (controlled) or righteous anger. One’s sometimes do not know they are angry, though others may easily pick up on it.

Judging mind:

Critical, judgmental, opinionated, constant monitoring and internal commentary on right and wrong.


Controlling. Hard to see other’s point of view.

Need to be right:

(I like to say it is a gift :-) )


Difficult to allow one’s self to experience pleasure, “There can be pleasure in working.” Repression of impulses and desires.

Need to know:

It’s difficult to be in a situation where you don’t know. “It’s not okay not to know”

Other characteristics include being responsible, maintaining high level of integrity, working hard and avoiding mistakes.